Manufacturing and installation of the steel structures and their parts and industrial, highly loaded welded assemblies

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The company named TOV, s.r.o. (Ltd.) was established in 1997 by dissociating of the NOVA-S a.s. Brezová pod Bradlom. As one of it's division ensured the service activities for the whole company until 1997. After that the main subject matter of the company has changed from service activities to production and assembly of welded steel structures and industrial, highly loaded welded assemblies, which are used for transport of various loose materials, e.g. coal, stones, sands, castings, etc. In the production of these steel structures the high quality of welded joints is required, because of the dynamically loaded structures.

In 2004 the activity subject matter was extend by form flame-cutting of steel and in 2008 by sandblasting.

Our company owns a production hall with dimensions of 18 x 60 meters with two overhead cranes with lifting capacity of 3 and 5 tons.